Whistleblower Protection in Manhattan

Are you being harassed after reporting your employer’s OHSA violations?

“Whistleblower” is the term used for employees who report their employers to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) for violating their employee rights in some manner. This may include “blowing the whistle” on hazardous working conditions or discrimination in the workplace. Rights of employees who report employers’ wrongdoing are safeguarded under the Whistleblower Protection Program, which prevents employers from retaliating against the whistleblower by firing them, laying them off, demoting them, reducing their hours, blacklisting them, denying them benefits, and much more. If you are facing harassment or threats from your employer after reporting them to OSHA, the legal team at Medina Law Firm LLC can help.

Litigation for Whistleblower Protection Cases

The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in all areas of commercial litigation. They understand your rights as an employee and can advocate aggressively on your behalf. You should not have to suffer from threats or harassment – or lose your job or position – after you’ve done the right thing and reported wrongful, discriminatory, or harmful behavior. Each Manhattan commercial litigation attorney with the firm can build a strong case and fight for justice on your behalf.

Contact a Manhattan Commercial Litigation Attorney

Take action immediately if you need protection after blowing the whistle on your employer. A whistleblower protection attorney from the firm can skillfully assess your situation, plot the best course to take, and execute that course of action, while still remaining adaptable for any curve balls thrown their way by the opposing party. The lawyers at the firm have practiced business litigation for many years, so trust that they have the knowledge and experience you need to get results. The firm has even been featured in the news on multiple occasions, including in the New York Times and in Crain’s New York Business Magazine. Contact a business lawyer from Medina Law Firm LLC right away for the representation you need. The firm handles cases in Manhattan and NYC, as well as throughout New Jersey.