Fraudulent Transfers

During insolvency proceedings, a trustee or debtor-in-possession is given the statutory right and responsibility to pursue preferences and fraudulent transfers. Housed under chapter 5 of the Bankruptcy Code, these two remedial and purely equitable bankruptcy remedies can seem incomprehensilbe to you or your business when facing such a claim. Yet, like many other aspects of bankruptcy the process itself is a fluid one taking into consideration numerous factors including the timing of payments, the basis for the payment, and the bona fides of the transactions at issue. Whether prosecuting preferences or asserting a new value or ordinary course of business defenses to a claim, Medina Law Firm LLC has deep experience litigating cases of this type to trial in numerous hard fought retail bankruptcy proceedings and other industries as well.

If you are faced with a complaint for preference or fraudulent transfer you or your business should seek counsel immediately. Generally speaking, the nature and sophistication of this area of the law often leads to pragmatic business compromise; however, like in so many other aspects of life, timing is everything. The Firm implements a comprhensive approach to the defense and prosecution of these claims and is recoginzed for its unique results in the area. We have handled fraudulent transfer matters in State and Federal Courts throughout the United States and crafted our trader in some of the most well konwn and complex Chapter 11 bankruptcies filed in the last several decades.

Recipients of a fraudulent transfer complaint or preference complaint need to act quickly.  We invite you in for a case evaluation with a commercial bankruptcy attorney.

Choosing the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankrpuptcy practice is an extremely fast paced and complex area of the law. Each attorney at Medina Law Firm LLC recieved their training at major law Firms through the United States and have since gone on to use their specialized training coupled with their business accumen to deliver results and representation seldom found at Firm’s of this size. We are singularly devoted to our clients sucess and invite you to speak with one of our business lawyers who possess the requisite skill and know-how to be the deciding factor in a courtroom battle. Simply¬†contact the Firm to learn that its not just awards and recognitions that set us apart, but our commitment to excellence in aspects of client representation.